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As more and more people have ventured into the world of ketogenic living they are seeking out ways to buy baked goods that fit the keto lifestyle.

I was one of those people.  I started off losing weight and feeling so much better when I ditched the bad carbs and sugars and added my supplement routine to my day. I loved this lifestyle so much that I became a Certified Keto Coach and founded Full Family Keto LLC.

As a busy wife, mom, archery coach and entrepreneur I did not always have time to have tasty keto baked goods ready to grab in our house. I found a local baker who was offering baked goods labeled as keto. I though “this is great, and will save me so much time”.

Sadly, I discovered that she was using wheat flour, corn starch dextrose in her recipes. Wheat flour, and its highly processed white flour version, is a complex carb and a no go zone for the ketogenic way of life. The only possible health benefit corn starch may provide is if you’re consciously trying to gain weight, and it could kick you out of ketosis. And sweeteners like dextrose are known to raise blood sugar. Using the word “keto” on products is not regulated so she is doing this and people who think they are buying keto products are actually not. Heck these would not even be considered low-carb in my book since her bagels are 14g of net carbs each!

Prep Cakes Bakery Shreveport is Not Keto

I felt like I would never again be able to enjoy a good bagel or cinnamon roll.  My husband and son were now also now following the low-carb lifestyle and baked goods for a teenager and a husband with a sweet tooth are a must! The goal was to be able to have the foods we loves but using ingredients that matched our new healthy lifestyle.

I hit my keto kitchen hard, working on recipes for cheesecakes, muffins, cookies and other things we always loved but now needed a keto version for. I then started sharing my baked good creations with some friends and everyone began to ask me to bake for them.

I was even blessed enough to send a variety of baked goods to a business meeting my husband was having where I got rave review not only from his co-workers and boss but even from NBA star Karl “The Mailman” Malone!

Keto Goodies with NBA Star Karl "The Mailman" Malone

The Lord continued to lay this venture on my heart. Offering baked goods for sale. I finally answered this calling and with that Keto Baked Bliss was born.

I am always testing new recipes to bring you the best products that I can using only the highest quality strictly keto ingredients to help others stick to the keto life in a carb filled world!